Aitch's Aspirants were formed in August 1999.

Mission Statement: "To promote fun in ringing"

Life membership can be achieved by "buying the T-shirt". This entitles the owner to ring peals and quarter peals for the Aspirants. For these to qualify, all of the band must be Aspirants and must wear their T-shirts throughout the ordeal.

Aitch's Aspirants Records

Peal & Quarter Peal Records

none yet

Failed Peal & Quarter Peal Records

Woodford, Northamptonshire
St Mary the Virgin
Friday 20 June 2003
Approx 1700 Bristol Surprise Major
  1. Denis G Pearson
  2. Murray A Coleman
  3. Anthony D Sansom
  4. Victoria Samson
  5. Michael J Hawkins
  6. Nicholas A Churchman
  7. Paul M Mason (C)
  8. James M Bence

Fired out